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My Philosophy

Because there is nothing "simple" when it comes to the care and education of our children, I have broken down my philosophy into Six Key Components listed below.

Proud to Announce that we have completed Level 2 in Alaska's Quality Recognition and Improvement System!

The Breakdown

Maintain a Safe, Healthy Learning Environment - I believe the most important element to childcare is to maintain a safe and healthy learning environment.   Parents and children need to feel safe at all times, this promotes trusting relationships, confidence and a healthy learning environment.

Support Social & Emotional Development with Positive Guidance - I maintain a routine daily schedule with consistent guidelines and expectations based on each childs individual stage of growth and abilities.  Using effective techniques in collaboration with the school district to focus on preparedness for a successful entrance into Kindergarten and learning positive social skills are taught throughout the day in every day circumstances and play.

Advance Physical & Intellectual Competence - I promote gross, fine motor skills and cognitive development by ensuring a large variety of available time and activities for exploration and play that encourage cooperative, independent, group, individual, free form and guided learning thru exposure and practice.

Establish Positive & Productive Relationships with Families - From interview, enrollment and review of policies and family expectations and our mutual needs, I am able to begin the process of developing a mutually respected relationship that is nourished by making myself always available to speak with, asking questions and communicating daily with the family.  Offering resources, sharing advice and having two way conversations also supports maintaining a healthy relationship.

Ensure a Purposeful Program Responsive to Families Needs - I take time to observe, interact and learn each child's own growth, development, interests, strengths, culture and individuality. Communicating my observations with parents, we can collectively work at expanding on interests, strengths, areas that need more attention, skill builidng techniques and fun ideas.

Maintain a Commitment to Professionalism - I stive to ensure my program meets or exceeds licensing regualtions, keep current on child development studies, continued education and participate in our communities child care and education programs.  I enjoy working effectively with other local agencies and thier staff to explore, share our experiences and thoughts in our combined efforts to help children and families have positive, meaningful childcare exeriences that last a lifetime.



“Dear Katy,

I need to thank you for the ways you have helped us grow as a family in the last two and a half years Jeremy has been in your preschool.  I know that going back to work was the right thing for me at that time, but I was so frightened to leave Jeremy with nearly everyone.  But now he and I are both so much happier and well adjusted as a result.  It has always been so important to me that he spend his day in a safe and nurturing place.  Many of my friends have had challenges in all kinds of daycare settings but I was never concerned when he was with you.  From the bottom of my heart - Thank you."

Cheryl Charic 


Events & Workshops

Early Learning


I provide my own personalized curriculum that is open-ended art based along with focus on exposure in combination with a formal curriculum called Funshine Express.

Seasonal Activities

Summer is spent outside as much as possible!  Walking field trips to nearby parks, Ambassador Pet visits from the Anchorage Zoo, water play and nature walks are just some of the fun.

Winter we also like to play outside!  Children are encouraged to learn to bundle up on their own.  Indoor activities include a family inclusive Halloween Carnival and other holiday activitie.  Ongoing arts and crafts, activity sheets, sensory and science based exploration. 

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