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Days & Hours of Operation - Posted Openings

Open Weekly:

Monday - Friday

7:30am - 5:30pm



Accepting inquiries for ages 18 months thru 5 years of age.


*Immunizations required.

*Assistance is accepted (CCPO, OCS, CITC)

*Special Diet Needs are available

*We do have a dog - Welsh Springer Spaniel (45 lbs)

Call or email to discuss Lucky's roll in our program and allergy concerns.




January - Open Monday 16th, Martin Luther King Day

February - Open Presidents Day

March - Closed Wednesday 22-31st, Spring Break

April -  No Closures

May - Closed Monday 29th, Memorial Day

June - Closed Friday 30th

July - Closed Monday 3 - 7th, Summer Break

August - No Closures

September - Closed Friday 1st & Monday 4th, Labor Day

October - No Closures

November - Open Veterans Day

                    Closed 23-24th, Thanksgiving

December - Closed 25 - 29th, Winter Break

January 2024 - Closed Monday 1st, New Years Day

                   2024 Calendar will be posted in October


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